Social Media Marketing (SMM) is word-of-mouth marketing for the 21st Century, social media marketing has become many companies first line in alerting consumers to new content even before it can be found in regular search engine organic results. Social media content engagement can help to increase consumer awareness of a company brand or place website content in front of the right target market. Social Media Marketing also helps spread your company’s brand to a much wider audience which in return helps maintain your company’s online presence, grasp new markets and stand-up against your companies competition by taking advantage of today’s most popular social networks. Social media marketing done well can increase the stream of high quality relevant traffic to your website as your social media followers engage your Twitter tweets, Facebook post, Pinterest pins and of course your website  itself. This has come to be a strong factor in search engine’s organic ranking. While social media marketing in not a replacement for SEO, it is an important addition to any good SEO program. Stay on top of shifting social media marketing trends to create brand awareness and spread the word about sales, promotions, competitions, and changes in your business.

Social media marketing encompasses several visual and written platforms. Blogging is heavy on content and the written word. Instagram focuses on promotion through imagery. Facebook allows users to share ideas in a matter of seconds. Your options to maximize visibility through social media are endless. Sifting through the choices can seem daunting, and learning what to post to boost conversion may be difficult.


At 1800 digitalmedia, we turn causal social media use into an exact marketing science. Get positive attention from potential clients, and increase interaction with the customers you already have. 1800 digitalmedia’s social media package floods your website with high quality content that’s on relevant topics meant to engage your customer base and brand your business. Simply put we create content that your customers want to read  and share which helps promote your company and increase your brand awareness. Let us help you create a strategic social media engagement plan tailored specifically for your business goals.

The 1800 digitalmedia Team:

  • Establishes profiles on the top social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and more
  • Creates and updates your blog
  • Develops an effortless social marketing plan
  • Helps you avoid traps and pitfalls of social network marketing
  • Tracks analytics and customer engagement

Want to see how 1800 digitalmedia’s Social Media products can enhance your company’s brand, boost your social network presence, increase traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales? Contact us today.