Want to invest in the quickest way to bring new leads to your website? A Google’s AdWords campaign advertising through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a precise internet marketing tool which generates huge spikes in traffic by direct ad placement. A fine-tuned PPC campaign can bring highly targeted traffic to your website.

How it works: you bid on specific keywords related to your business. When users type in those keywords, your website’s Google AdWords display ad will appears on designated spots on the search engine organic results page. You set a specific budget each month and – you guessed it – you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. On Google, PPC ads tend to blend in more seamlessly than other search engines, so oftentimes visitors don’t even realize they are clicking on an paid advertisement.

Pay Per Click is not for the faint of heart – that’s why you need to put your paid search needs in the hands of experts. The experienced Pay Per Lead team at 1800 digitalmedia will create a Google AdWords Pay Per Click campaign for you that will give you the most conversions for the lowest possible cost per click. 1800 digitalmedia’s PPC Team having worked many Adwords campaigns for companies large and small, has the know-how to build a Pay Per Click marketing campaign for your small business or corporation that will yields a great Quality Score. The quality score plays an important role in who ranks higher for the Google AdWords ads that show. We check every contributing factor that adds to the Quality Score of your paid lead marketing campaign.  The Grind Team goes through the targeted keywords, the performance of the ad and the overall quality of your website. We explore new search trends and closely examine the optimum times for placement as well as the competitiveness of all your AdWords keywords. You will see tangible results with optimal ad placement and the right keyword selection for your business. Our Grind Team AdWords staff also tracks the campaign results and holds a monthly call with you to ensure that your campaign is yielding the proper return on investment that we know you want to see for your company. We will continue to monitor landing page behaviour, keyword performance, conversion rates and perform ad copy testing to see what works.

What 1800 digitalmedia does for you:

  • Map the right keyword strategy
  • Get to know your brand and your customers’ searching patterns
  • Research your competitions’ search engine marketing patterns
  • Optimize landing page content
  • Raise your Quality Score
  • Bid modelling
  • Monitor the bid modelling process
  • Track return of investment (ROI)
  • Track Conversion
  • Ad copy testing

So to maximize your internet marketing efforts through Google AdWords and move straight to the top of paid search page results call 1800 digitalmedia for more information and to get a free Google AdWords quote and action plan for your business. Click here to fill out the 1800 digitalmedia Contact Us form today.